The NSCI gym has state of the art machines for both Cardio, Strength & Weight training. A trained gym instructor is available at all times in the gym to help and guide the members. We have all Precor Machines. Precor is known world-renowned reputation for quality, excellence and innovation and for three decades has been a pioneer of the professional fitness equipment industry. In Cardio, We have well design cardio equipment with a focus on reliability and ease of use. Purpose is making it possible for more exercisers to enjoy comfortable, engaging, and effective workouts. Equipments include Several Treadmills, Cross trainers, AMT machines, Cycles bikes etc. For Strength training, we have comprehensive range of equipment to accommodate different strength building needs including Leg press, Leg curls, Leg expansion, Pec fly, Chest press, Lay pull Down and many more.

Health Club With Gents N Ladies Spa


Morning 6:00 AM TO 10:00 AM

Evening 5:00 PM TO 9:00 PM


Half yearly for Members Rs.3540/-
Monthly for Members Rs.885/-
Daily for Members Rs.89/-
Guest Daily Rs.148/-

Contact Person

Mr. Sanjay (Trainer), Phone: 8130068234


Mr. Praveen Kumar Singh / Mr. Anubhav Gupta